Terms and Conditions

This Short Term Rental Agreement is made with VHC Hospitality as of the date last set forth on the signature page of this rental agreement. This is EVIDENCE OF YOUR ACCEPTANCE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND YOUR INTENT TO RENT THE HOME AS OUTLINED IN THIS AGREEMENT.

Please Read and acknowledge by this agreement to confirm you understand and agree to the following rules and policies:

  1. Occupancy: By State Law maximum occupancy of the property is restricted to the number that is on your voucher. The Rental Applicant is considered to be the Lead Renter and will assume full responsibility for all guests throughout the rental period.

  2. Cancellation Policy: In the event of unforeseen circumstances, cancellation must be notified in writing by the party leader whose name appears on the booking form. If you cancel 31+ days before arrival, you’ll receive full refund. If you cancel 0-30 days before arrival, then the full amount of the rental is nonrefundable. No refunds for early departure or no-shows.

  3. Credit Card: We take a credit card authorization to cover any incidentals, such as, although not limited to, damages to walls, carpet, furniture, unauthorized pool heat, and breakages that may occur while you are in the property. Credit card will be on file for up to 30 days after departure, nothing is charged on your card unless damages occur. I confirm that I will not refuse legitimate charges against the credit card used for the security deposit, which may also include additional labor charges associated with damages.

  4. Access: Guest shall allow Property Managers access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection. Property Managers shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner. Guests will be notified when and if the home was accessed.

  5. Early Check In: If the guest would like to check in before 4:00PM there may be a charge and it is subject to availability.

  6. Late Check Out: I understand that if I fail to vacate the home by 10:00AM on my departure date, I can incur a charge equal to one day’s rental on the card on file. If you wish to have a late check-out please call VHC at least 24 - 48 hours before departure for availability and a fee may be applied.

  7. Pet Policy: For the convenience of other guests and in an effort to help us provide the most sanitary accommodations available, pets are NOT permitted. In the event that you bring a pet without previous authorization, your credit card will be charged a nonrefundable penalty fee of $400.00 per pet plus any stain or damage caused by the pet. The only exception will be for Service Dogs. In this case, with the valid identification of the pet must be provided and non-refundable pet fee of $ 250.00.

  8. Smoking: This property is 100% smoke-free. Absolutely no smoking is allowed in the house. In this case of smoking in the house, there will be an additional non-refundable fee of $400.00 plus tax charged to the credit card on file.

  9. Air Conditioning: Guests agrees not to set the temperature lower than 71°F or above 78°F degrees. When the AC is being used we request that all windows and doors to be closed to reduce humidity and to save energy.

  10. Trash Removal: You will be expected to empty full trash bins and dispose of garbage bags in appropriate compactor (varies per communities). There will be an additional $100.00 fee plus tax charged to the credit card on file for an excessive amount of trash left in the house.

  11. Pool & Spa: No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk. No running or horseplay in the pool and deck area, as this may cause serious injury. Pool Heating & Equipment are Not to be tampered with by guests. Please note that we do not have control over pool heating not working for any reason and in such case, contact us immediately. Pool heating is available upon request (24 hours in advance), minimum of 5 days, and a fee is charged per day. Unauthorized pool heating will be charged on credit card on file.

  12. Barbecue Grill: Please note, not all properties have a grill available onsite. For the properties that have grill, there is no charge to use it but charcoal or propane gas is not included. The grill should be cleaned after use or a $75 cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

  13. Parties: Gatherings, and parties are not permitted at any time, and may result in eviction with no refund to the guest.

  14. Insurance: VHC and the homeowners or agents do not accept responsibility for any loss of personal items while staying in the property or after departure. It is your responsibility to take out appropriate insurance to cover all aspects of your trip, and to ensure that passports, visas and other documents are in order. Keeping valuables in the house is at your own risk, we accept no responsibility for lost or stolen at the property.

  15. Damages When guest arrives at the home, guest is responsible to inspect the property for damages. Guest must call the local office within 24 hours of arrival to report any damages found upon arrival. If there is damage to the home and it is not reported, then the guest will be held responsible. This is extended to bed bugs problems as our homes are inspected prior to every arrival by a certified professional and if guest doesn’t report any problem within 24 hours, it is presumed that any bed bugs found were brought into the home by the guest and the treatment to exterminate these bed bugs will be at the guest’s expense. Guest must call +1-407 858.4547 / +55-3003 5261 or send an email to reservations@vhchospitality.com to report the damages. VHC shall try to correct the error within 24-48 hours without any major disadvantages for the guest. After your check out, the management team will inspect the house and notify the office of any damages to the home made during your stay. VHC will contact you via email about any damages that were found. We will provide a detailed list along with the amount that will be charged on the credit card on file. If you do not report damages right after arrival, then you can not dispute the company's final damage report.

  16. Neighborhood facilities: Some of our properties have facilities that are controlled by the neighborhood homeowners association. From time to time there may be maintenance or repairs that are needed to the properties that are controlled by the Homeowner’s association. This could cause the closure of these facilities for short periods. Some examples are but not limited to: Community swimming pools, clubhouse, pool heaters, and community Jacuzzi's. If there is a closure of these facilities during your stay, then VHC will not be held liable or be responsible for guest refunds.

  17. Liability: No claim can be made on the owners or managing agents for accidents, loss or injury (however caused). We strongly advise an all-inclusive holiday insurance cover. The owners or agents do not accept any liability or responsibility for any injury caused as a result of the use of our property, pool or clubhouse. It is the responsibility of an adult member of the party, to ensure that children are always properly supervised when in the pool area or on the balcony. Children are not permitted in the pool, spa or pool area unattended. Posted pool rules must be adhered to while in the pool area. We are not responsible nor do we refund any guest that locks themselves out of their rented home. An additional charge will apply for opening of locked doors. We will not be held responsible, nor provide a refund, if you are unable to find the resort, do not have the correct unit address, or did not bring the lock box code or reservation confirmation with you. The client is responsible to read and understand the Terms and Conditions. Client is further obligated to abide by the terms set by VHC all their suppliers and the local authority. The traveler must not act in a manner that is of any nuisance for other travelers or neighbors, or that create any security risk or practical problems for VHC and its suppliers. VHC and its suppliers reserve the right to reject a traveler if the travelers behavior or condition is obvious that he or she cannot commit to the terms. This will not give the traveler any right to demand compensation.

  18. Complaints: Should you need anything during your stay, please contact us by phone (+1- 407-8584547 or +55-3003-5261) or email (reservations@vhchospitality.com), and give us the opportunity to assist you while staying with us. Letting us know after departure does not help you to fully enjoy your stay. Please note: Certain items are provided as a convenience to you and we make every effort to ensure operability prior to your arrival and during your stay. This may include items such as internet, gaming systems, cable programs, telephones, etc. If a problem with one of these items should occur during your stay we will contact the provider immediately. These providers are outside vendors who operate on their own schedules and we cannot be responsible for any outage. These items are not compensable and no refunds will be granted for not having access.
    Our Emergency line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  19. Force Majeure: No liability can be accepted, or refunds given for events, which are 'force majeure'. These include, but are not limited to war, threat of war, riots, civil commotion, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, technical difficulties with transportation, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other events outside our control.

VHC Hospitality and Guest agree that the rent of the property is a transient accommodation (short-term rental) that follows all applicable laws governing public lodging establishments.

Guest/credit card holder agrees with all rental terms, agrees to provide all required documents, sign bellow electronically. Noncompliance of all requests above, will result in no access to the property. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any guest without agreeing with full terms of our Rental Agreement, no exception.

I hereby certify that all information given by me are true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I fully understand and agree to follow with all terms and conditions of this agreement.